Episode 13! (Better Late Than Never)

We didn’t abandon you, we promise.

It’s been a hectic time in the lives of the femmes of Femmes Faisant, and we are trying to get a feel for actually hosting the podcast via our blog and this is a new venture. So there may be some bumps and bruises along the way, but that is totally punk rock, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So here is our first attempt at releasing an episode via the blog…fingers crossed this works!

Topic list/links behind the cut…

Beauty Lime Crime Dark Unicorn Hair Dye
FuckBoy Repellent Setting Sprays
Internet Famous Makeup Brands coming to Ulta/Sephora
Fashion Universal Standard https://www.universalstandard.com/
Smart Glamour http://www.smartglamour.com/
On Trend: Where to find Plus Size Bralettes
White House/Black Market hits the Plus Market…sort of.
Zara Employees Plead For Help Via Tags!
Sex Positive Stranger Things Dong
Ex-Domme Speaks on BDSM after Motherhood
Queen City Oral Sex Survey
Body Image Husband Professes Love For His Fat Wife; Breaks Internet
Facebook Hates Fat People?
90 Day Fiance “My beautiful chubby girl” comment…thoughts? https://www.instagram.com/p/Bal-OL9H6rI/?hl=en
Newspapers Criticize Plus Size Only Resort
Douche Wants Sympathy for NOT Leaving Fat GF
Dating Finding Personal Freedom in a Relationship http://offbeathome.com/freedom-in-a-partnership/
Plus-Size Dating Stories
MuzMatch – Muslim Dating App https://muzmatch.com/
Davisham Breakup
Health A Stroke Made Him Gay?
Sleep Deprivation http://www.newsweek.com/sleep-tiredness-stress-703675
Zika Virus in Miami Dade Hospital
NC Burlesque Dancer Accused of Rape
Danny Masterson Rape Case Stalled
Self Positive Sam Smith comes out as gender non-binary
Paris Jackson on Self Love
Hillary Clinton’s Letter to her Teen Self
Feminist News #MeToo Campaign
List of Accused Sexual Predators SO FAR…
Charlotte elects first African American Female mayor, Vi Lyles
First Transgender Female Legislator, Danica Roem (but not really first…)
All the Transgender Winners of the Recent Election
“Overweight” & “Flattered” by sexual assault?
Jessicka Adams/Twiggy Ramirez rape accusations
ETC Dirty Dancing 30th Anniversary Wine

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