It’s officially summer (even though it’s been hotter’an hell for at LEAST a couple of months) and with summer comes that inevitable summer jam.

Now, ladies and gents, what I have brought to you today may not play on the radio, and you may not see it on MTV (but do you really see any music there anymore?), but this…this shall be the summer jam of 2017.

At least in the Samazon universe.

I give you…Miss Eaves and her auspicious ode to Thunder Thighs.

Boom clap, baby.

And if that wasn’t enough jammy jam jam for your ears, check out this great little summer playlist that the lovely Jes Baker of The Militant Baker threw together,that of course, starts off with Miss Eaves. It also goes on to include the amazing queen that is Lizzo, that I will be seeing TONIGHT. Yes, be jealous. Or go see her yourself when she hits up your area. Seriously. QUEEN.

So go let those Thunder Thighs clacky-lacky-lack and don’t melt too much. HAPPY SUMMER! SHOW YOURSELF SOME LOVE! 💋



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